What Are the Requirements for Becoming an ADI In The UK?

What Are the Requirements for Becoming an ADI In The UK?

How can you become a driving instructor in the United Kingdom?

In the United Kingdom, driving lessons can only be delivered by ADIs or Approved Driving Instructors Nuneaton. The ADIs can provide these services independently or join a driving school. For anyone to become an ADI, he has to meet some pre-requisites before he can take the ADI test. These pre-requisites include the following:

  • The minimum age requirement to apply for an ADI test is 21.
  • The applicant must have a clear criminal record.
  • The applicant must have a full driving license and must have held it for at least three years without any disqualification.

If you meet these requirements, you can apply for the approved driving instructor test.

Approved Driving Instructor Test

The ADI test is more advanced and challenging than a driving test for a beginner. The test includes three parts:

  • Theory test
  • Advanced Driving Test
  • Instructional Ability Test

Theory Test

Like the standard theory test, this part includes An MCQ section and a Hazard perception test. The MCQ section covers highway codes and various aspects of driving. The total marks of the MCQ section are 100. For you to pass the MCQ section, you must score at least 85. In the hazard perception test, you are shown several videos, and you must identify any “developing hazards” with the help of a mouse or touchscreen. This test is relatively more difficult than the MCQ section because you have to identify the hazard with maximum accuracy. Randomly clicking the mouse, clicking too early or too late, will not score you any points. The total score of the hazard perception test is 75, and you must score at least 57 to pass the test. Remember, you can only take the hazard perception test after passing the MCQ section.

Advanced Driving Test – ADI Test Part 2

The second part of the ADI test assesses the applicant’s driving skills in various scenarios. Your control over the vehicle in different traffic and road conditions is analyzed. An authorized representative of the DVSA carries out the test, which is one hour and thirty minutes long. The representative checks every aspect of your driving skills, such as overtaking, parking, and reversing. You’ll be awarded a pass certificate if you can satisfy the representative.

Instructional Ability Test- ADI test part 3

The most essential quality of any driving instructor is his instructional ability. After all, you’d be teaching people how to drive, and you must know how to impart your knowledge. The test part 3 analyzes just that. This part tests you by putting you in the shoes of a trainer. You are asked to deliver a practical driving lesson to assess how good you are as a teacher and how well you understand the concept of safety. If you pass the test, you will become a qualified ADI.

How challenging is the ADI test?

All three parts of the ADI are considered challenging as the purpose of the test is to ensure that competent and skilled people become driving instructors so road safety can be ensured. Although you can get learning material for free from the DVSA’s website or office, receiving professional training before appearing for the ADI test is highly recommended.

What are the different ADI training lessons offered in the UK?


Numerous driving schools provide formal training to people who want to become ADIs. These include complete ADI training courses, fast track or intensive ADI training, Pay As You Go courses, One to One training, and individual training for the three parts. These training courses are delivered by experienced ADIs themselves and can assist you in achieving your certificate.

Things to remember

  • Even after passing the ADI test and registering yourself in the ADI register, you will be assessed periodically to check if you meet the standards for instructors.
  • You are allowed three attempts to pass the ADI part 2 and 3 tests.
  • You must wait ten days before reattempting the ADI part 2 and 3 tests. For retaking part 1, you’ll have to wait for three days.
  • Getting professional training can increase your chances of passing your ADI test.