Why Is Fortnite So Popular? Success Story Behind Its Popularity

Why Is Fortnite So Popular? Success Story Behind Its Popularity

The most famous game nowadays is Fortnite. However, it was not always that popular among the people. At the time, people did not even know the name of this game. Also, people were not sure whether the game would be released or not. From its release to the time it is today, the journey of the popularity of this game has been amazing. It is one of the most exciting & captivating stories that one can see in the industry of entertainment.

The Background History Of Fortnite

It is the best-known game of 100-player. Everybody treasures the style of a 100-player game with the last-man-standing format. Everyone ranging from teenagers to adults, enjoyed this game very much. The facts show that this game is approximately played by over 125 million people around the globe. This animation game with a battle royale theme is simple to learn and has animated characters.

It debuted in September of that year. In this game, ten players drop upon an island and must engage in combat with one another to survive. They can also gather weapons and construct forts to assist them. In general, this game is incredibly captivating, and it’s difficult not to think about it constantly. There’s no denying that everyone becomes addicted to this game.

How Did The Craze For This Game Start?

At the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards, this game was first unveiled as a base-building game that required you to construct forts, gather resources, and then battle an oncoming horde of adversaries. After the initial reveal, Epic Games went dark for around two years. Over two years, only a few statements from here and there provided information regarding the game.

Finally, in 2014, we could watch the game’s official trailer, which revealed some crucial details we had not previously known. Additionally, Epic Games revealed that after the launch of Fortnite, they would introduce a free-to-play model. Early access to this game was available in September 2017 for the PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, and Mac. Once it became available, the community became quickly swept up in it. Its early success was because of various factors. The factors include the fact that it was free to download and play. Also, it was accessible on several platforms and had an interesting concept.

Additionally, it introduced “Microtransactions” as a psychological ploy against its consumers. Undoubtedly, the game is free to play. However, there are small fees for specific costumes, moves, weapons, and quests. It was normal for the players to go berserk when they spotted stylish clothing or a showy weapon and scrambled to buy them before they sold out. In addition to utilizing psychology, the game also introduces new seasons with various themes and locations and some adjustments to the core gameplay, making it more exciting and less repetitive.

Its incredible aesthetic has been successful in attracting players of all ages. Because it is so accessible, anybody and everyone can play it, which has greatly assisted its success.

Why Is It So Well-Liked Among People?

According to Polygon, one of the main reasons Fortnite Battle Royale has been so successful is that game is completely free to play. Players can compete against their buddies without spending any money. For this reason, the game became far more available than other multiplayer games.

Another attraction is that the game is cross-platform. The cross-platform game means that Xbox and PlayStation players can easily compete against each other. Drake shares a video from his matches. He shares footage by using the broadcasting service called Twitch. Additionally, the news is popularly covered by famous newspapers. The newspaper was particularly popular with younger gamers. Jacksepticeye and PewDiePie, famous YouTubers, also upload video footage of this game from their successful matches.

For example, one of PewDiePie’s videos has amassed nearly nine million views in just over two weeks. As a result, it is far less violent than other multiplayer fighters. This feature makes it appealing to both casual and professional video gamers all over the world.

The Success Story Of Fortnite

The success story of this game depends solely on the creative business model. Also, it relies on human psychology. Human psychology involves certain factors such as:

  • Gathers the masses
  • Appeals to the masses towards certain things
  • Keeps them coming back for more

Hence, from the human philosophy, it is estimated to be worth 5-8 billion dollars today, which is quite impressive. It shows that epic Games have achieved something special in the history of video games’ success stories. Also, the success story stood tall among its competitors.

The successful journey of Fortnight shows that it is one of the best recognizable and well-played games on this planet. This fact has been interesting in learning the successful journey of this game. The Battle-Royale game success story has everyone hooked to it ever since its release.


Hence, by reading our blog, you can imagine Epic Games have done a great job creating a masterpiece. It is a masterpiece that became a dominant name in the gaming industry. The success story of Fortnite is massive and very fascinating. Hence, we don’t see it disappearing anytime soon in the field of entertainment.

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