If you Start Dropping Kerb without Permission, what will happen?

If you Start Dropping Kerb without Permission, what will happen?

Drop Kerbs:

A dropped kerb is a wedge-style piece of concrete fixed on the floor to save your cars from parking on the lawn or pavement. They are typically designed with a pointed side and a flat bottom so they project into the distance next to parked vehicles.

Drop Kerbs save your cars from parking too close to a pedestrian walk or driveway and may be used for wheelchair access. They were permitted by the Department of Transport in England due to the fact 2010. Many homeowners and landowners use them for convenience. But the council also uses them to save your cars from obstructing driveways and pavements.

Planning permission is essential to drop the kerb outside your home to allow a car to go the pavement. This is because the pavement might be supported to take the weight of vehicles and help save them from damaging the surface or pipes…

Installing a Dropped Kerb without Permission:

You must have a dropped kerb installed to prevent people from parking in front of your home. Maybe you want it in your driveway; before you start, think about what takes place if you drop a Kerb without permission. Local councils can stop the dropped kerb at any time. And if you start dropping kerb without approval, you can face penalties.

Suppose you don’t need to be on the incorrect feature of the law regarding having a dropped scale down mounted. In that case, you have to constantly touch your nearby authority or council to guarantee you have the approved dropped curb installation. Not only that, but you need to comply with any policies before making changes to your home.

Furthermore, check what type of materials you can use, as a few nearby councils only permit sure driveways, and find out if there are any rules on how to install them. Doing this in advance and planning will prevent any useless delays at some point in the installation method.

What Is the Law on Dropped Kerbs?

The rule on dropped curbs is easy. You need approval from your local authority, and any adjustments you make should meet specific policies before starting the project. You have to talk to a local expert and look at any relevant nearby legal guidelines that apply to wherein you live. And find out if there are any obstructions you must know about before proceeding.

For instance, one common law that most people know about is that it should not have a poor impact on public highways or pavements, and it truly shouldn’t purpose any obstruction to site visitors.

Also, where the dropped reduction might be installed should be authorized by the nearby authority for parking. Finally, during night hours, there must be lights so pedestrians can see the minimized. And relevant signs and symptoms for drivers to be careful of their presence.

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Can I Object to Neighbours Dropped Kerb

If you’re sad about your local neighbor’s dropped contract, you can attract it. However, be warned, there’s no guarantee of fulfillment, and the procedure can take considerable time. Before starting a struggle with your neighbors. You must research the relevant legal rules to confirm that they have detected them correctly and that you aren’t wrong.

If you still want to continue, you should lodge a proper objection with your local authority. When doing this, you must provide evidence of pictures, potential obstructions. Safety hazards from a drop kerbs installation. And this proof will create a higher risk of getting the curb not permitted.

Also, suppose you experience your neighbors violating local authority rules; you can deliver this to them. Again, you want to help with documentation and designated plans to signify this. And you can’t simply move around throwing charges.

Why Would a Drop Kerb Be Rejected?

Yes, a dropped scale-down may be refused for several reasons. There’s never a guarantee of fulfillment. One of the main problems local rules have is the installation size and substances used in a dropped curb.

Not to say that if it affects the design of the road negatively or if there are relevant underground pipes that can be affected, this will save it for you. It can also be refused if it is to delay visitors or if there’s a lack of suitable points of access for vehicles.


Whilst the fee of installing a driveway can range from some hundred pounds to three thousand, they’re honestly worth the investment. Not only can Driveways in Exeter increase the value of your home. It’ll also lower the amount of time you need to spend keeping the exterior of your property.