Advantages and Disadvantages of Driveways

Advantages and Disadvantages of Driveways

Knowing which floor to pick out while making plans and installing a new driveway may be challenging. Several factors are to consider, which include style, texture, charge, sturdiness and comfort of installation.

Concrete Driveways in Devon are long-lasting and may offer years of use without many repairs. Many house owners select a driveway in concrete for their exterior home applications. Proper safety is the key to a long-lasting concrete driveway; sealing the floor is required when a new concrete driveway is mounted. About every year, the concrete sealer will be reapplied often.

Driveways are often challenged to stains from gas and oil; if this occurs, scrub brush with dish cleaning soap or kitty clutter, scrub it in and rinse it off with a garden hose. The freezing and thawing way can cause cracking to your concrete, so do away with all snow from your driveway as soon as possible, and this will go a long way in protecting your concrete from the damaging effects of winter.

Get a modern, attractive, and go-the-distance driveway with us. After all, such an essential investment in your home calls for the best premium materials.  Switch Groundworks (JE Contracting) has various driveway materials to help you get a unique and long-lasting look for your drive. With a complete assortment of patterns, colourations, and surfaces, you may find it less complicated to create the right Driveways in Devon.

Driveway Replacement:

When changing a current driveway, we use and haul the old concrete away. Next, we install a beaten concrete base, typically known as 21AA. Starting with a great base is essential to ensure your driveway will be supported with a solid footing. A compactor presses the crushed concrete tightly and % (“compacting”) for extra help. Next, the bureaucracy is installed and checked for proper drainage – all water must leave your home. Steel rod reinforcements might be installed at some point in the project, and your cement may be poured. We use a 6-bag blend of concrete; that is the best concrete that can be used for outside work.

The clean cement is hand-troweled, and the soft broom is completed. When the cement is cured, we cut manage joints with a diamond blade saw, ensuring proper motion throughout the winter months. We delight in concrete work installation and ensure we use suitable materials for satisfying results. We hope you keep in mind Switch Groundworks (JE Contracting) in your following concrete project, and we thank you for your business.


Advantages and Disadvantages of tarmac driveways:

If you are thinking about a tarmac driveway, here’s everything you want to know.



A tarmac or tarmacadam driveway will continually be less expensive than a block-paving driveway. The difference in cost is because the tarmac is cheaper and often less complicated to install than block paving.

Tarmac driveways usually take around the future compared to dam paving in the same-sized driveway, which could take many days. This reduces labour expenses, bringing the overall expenses down notably.


As specified, tarmac driveways are faster and installed more quickly than block paving driveways, so your driveway might be disused for less time.



Although tarmac driveways are regularly defined as long-lasting, they usually last shorter than block paving, and they are nevertheless very long-lasting. Although they can develop cracks or puddles through the years, this is usually partly because of faulty installation and damaging base practices. If you’re set on having a tarmac driveway, go to a professional who comes to advocate.


It can be difficult to lay asphalt if you have a genuinely small driveway or one with a standard form. This is because tarmac installation calls for using much equipment that won’t be able to work correctly in a very small, limited area.

Lack of versatility

As tarmac includes damaged stone and tar, it’s miles frequently dark-coloured through nature and tends to offer fewer choices in terms of look. Although you can use coloured Tarmac Driveways in Devon, this can increase the value.

Which driveway is good for You?

Both block paving and tarmac have several advantages and disadvantages, which means also will be an outstanding choice on your driveway. If you’re looking for an affordable choice, tarmac is the way. But if you want something to remain long-term and feature a better style, then paving blocks are the better choice.

Switch Groundworks (JE Contracting) has various driveway and lawn paving options, block paving circles and permeable driveway paving.

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