7 Methods to Extend the Lifespan of a Boiler

7 Methods to Extend the Lifespan of a Boiler

Gas Boiler Installation

Installing a new boiler is one of the owners’ biggest investments for their homes. It’s now essential for preserving a comfortable indoor temperature and uninterrupted warm water supply in the house. The Gas Boiler Installation in London calls for professional hands. Finding the right engineer to install your new heating system facilitates you now; it goes on for years while you experience warm water and a comfortable home. The following guidelines will help you amplify the boiler’s lifespan:

Do Not Skip Your Boiler Servicing Schedule

Never skip the examining schedule if you need to extend the life of a gas boiler. A qualified engineer can discover minor problems early on during a service test before they become more severe. An annual servicing consists of the following:

  • Testing the gas price
  • Doing a complete visual test
  • Testing the running pressure
  • Cleaning the condensate lure and magnetic filter (which is applicable)
  • Conducting a combustion analysis
  • Checking the safety system

A constant document of annual servicing is likewise required to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.

Install a Magnetic Filter

A magnetic filter captures the sludge before it reaches your boiler. It is installed to the heating system’s back piping; dirt, rust, open-vented systems, and other materials are built-up as mud. It circulates and gathers at the bottom of a radiator, resulting in cold patches that pressure your heating system and overload the boiler. So, including a magnetic filter spreads the life span of the boiler.

Add Inhibitor to your System

The inhibitor avoids erosion and measure and extends the boiler’s life. Applying this solution to the central heating system creates a defensive layer that stops metal accumulation and sludge buildup.


An electricity flush is only sometimes generally performed as a part of ordinary renovation methods or as a preventative level. Power flushing your system can raise its efficiency, do away with cold spots in the radiators, and expand the boiler lifespan if you are involved in the buildup of sludge and metals.

Do Not Forget to Insulate the Pipes

Lagging or insulating your water pipes is a simple, however vital, measure that extends boiler lifespan and minimises heat loss. There are only pipes that require lags: the ones inside the storage and people in the loft because they generally tend to freeze and cut up the most. Also, if your boiler is condensing, you must insulate the condensate pipe to save it from freezing.


Give it a Summer Run

Giving your heating system a summer season run continues your boiler in the best working condition. Like any other device, a boiler idle for months shortens its lifespan. Therefore, you must infrequently switch on your heating system to keep it working smoothly, move water, and avoid sludge buildup.

Bleed your Radiators

Your radiators can also get cold due to sludge and metal buildup, but the hassle is generally with the air. Therefore, attempt bleeding the radiators to let the air launch and the water float. To do this task, test out our manual to bleed a radiator.

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Which Boiler Is Right for You?

Different varieties of boilers provide unique benefits. It would be best to remember the entirety while determining which central heating boilers are suitable for correctly serving your home and your family for years.

Cost of a New Boiler:

A new boiler’s cost isn’t always best decided by its brand, and the installation charge also covers the fee of a new boiler, which incorporates materials and expert labour. Don’t compromise with a certified and fantastically certified engineer if you want the project done effectively and effectively.

Brand of Boiler:

The logo you pick out will heavily decide the cost. You must research manufacturers and compare charges to get a quality brand at a low price. Also, have a look at these sizeable features in brands and styles:

  • The guarantee periods
  • Efficiency rankings
  • Awards

Customer service performance:

  • The charges of diverse systems in the same brand
  • Also, you can ask experts for their recommendations.

Availability of Space:

  • If you have enough room to spare, a traditional boiler can be a fantastic replacement.
  • A combi boiler might be beneficial when you have a tiny space or pick something more compact.
  • A boiler may be required if your property is large, but it takes up more space because it needs a warm water cylinder.

Finance Options:

Boilers may be expensive, so check for boiler finance choices. Some boiler installers provide finance options, and you could now not need to technique the financial institution for a mortgage. With The Boiler Installation Specialists, you may get a brand-new Worchester Bosch boiler with installation from* £1800. If you’re looking for a professional Boiler Replacement in Weybridge, contact New Boiler LTD.